Massage & Naturopathic Wellness on Berry Mountain is just a little bit removed from the everyday world, surrounded by trees, rolling hills and sky, and dedicated to your healing. A place to relax, enjoy a therapeutic massage, relieve those aches and pains, or to learn how to use nutrition, medicinal herbs, and meditation for vibrant wellbeing – body & soul.

Naturopathic wellness treatments are individually tailored to restore you to a higher level of health. Problems that respond well to wellness therapy include digestive discomfort, lethargy, pain, mild anxiety or depression, stress, allergy, immune problems, sinus congestion, skin problems, poor sleep, hormonal issues, or a need for detoxification and living free from toxic bi-products.

For when you just don’t feel as vibrant as you should, or for those who want to be in great shape ten years from now!

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